Kiwi Cable & Wire are suppliers of high grade orchard and vineyard shelter cloth, wire and cable.

We provide superior quality products specifically developed to the unique needs of New Zealand's Horticultural sector, with its demanding outdoor environment.

Our coastal grade products are recommended for orchards as spray chemicals have been known to cause corrosion, especially with the high amount of coppers now used.

Using cable end assemblies / support cables instead of ag beam benefits spray coverage.

We supply:

  • Shelter Cloth
  • Coastal Grade Orchard and Vineyard wire and cable
  • Cable end assemblies
  • Cable Hardware: Deadends and Line Splices
  • Galvanised Screw Anchors and Gate Staples
  • Fencing Wire

Contact us on 022 065 3085 to discuss your particular requirements and we will ensure you are well taken care of.

View and download our Price List (pdf).

View our below cost clearance price on 4m wide 8.5mm quad netting (white) - suitable for berry growers